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Asian Le Mans Series

Silverstone 6 Hours - The best of the 2016 Silverstone 6 Hours, FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) with Michelin

2015 Nurburgring 6 Hours
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2012 Le Mans 24 Hours
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 17h05
    This is goodbye from the and our LiveNews team. We hope you enjoyed the weekend and the racing as much as we did. See you all back here for the 2013 race.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 17h04
    The top three finishers in GTE Am are: the No. 50 Bornhauser/Canal/Lamy Larbre Compétition Corvette C6-ZR1, the No. 67 Pons/Narac/Armindo Imsa Performance Matmut Porsche 911 RSR (997), and the No. 57 Krohn/Jonsson/Rugolo Krohn Racing Ferrari 458 Italia.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 17h03
    The top three finishers in GTE Pro are: the No. 51 Bruni/Fisichella/Vilander AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia, the No. 59 Makowiecki/Melo/Farnbacher Luxury Racing Ferrari 458 Italia, and the No. 97 Mücke/Turner/Fernandez Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin Vantage V8.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 17h02
    The top three finishers in LMP2 are: the No. 44 Potolicchio/Dalziel/Kimber-Smith Starworks Motorsports HPD ARX 03b – Honda, the No. 46 Thiriet/Beche/Tinseau Thiriet By TDS Racing Oreca 03 – Nissan, and the No. 49 Perez-Companc/Kaffer/Ayari Pecom Racing Oreca 03 - Nissan.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 17h01
    The top three finishers in LMP1 are: the No. 1 Lotterer/Fässler/Tréluyer Audi E-Tron Quattro, which completed XXX laps, the No. 2 McNish/Kristensen/Capello Audi E-Tron Quattro, and the No. 4 Bonanomi/Jarvis/Rockenfeller Audi R18 Ultra. The top private finisher is the No. 12 Prost/Jani/Heidfeld Lola B12/60 Coupe – Toyota, in fourth position overall.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 17h00
    The race is over. We witnessed great battles all during the race, an epidemic of crashes by the Audi earlier today, and a class win in GTE Am decided in dramatic fashion in the last minutes of the race. Audi ends up dominating the event, and more power to them.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 15h37
    The fight for the win in LMP2 has been close for hours. The No. 44 HPD-Honda leads the No. 46 Oreca - Nissan by 2m45s after 331 laps, roughly half a second per 4m lap. The smallest problem by the leader could change the final result.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 15h30
    With the leaders in LMP1, GTE Pro and GTE Am separated by laps, things have quieted down as drivers and crews focus on bringing their cars to the finish, as you must cross the finish line after the winner to be considered as a finisher and earn points.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 14h48
    After one full flying lap, the No. 1 Tréluyer Audi leads the No. 2 McNish car by a full lap.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 14h46
    The race is back on after a 31m safety car period.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 14h27
    The McNish No. 2 Audi is back on track behind the safety car, after 8m of work on the car. The No.3 Audi is also back out after 11m of repair work.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 14h09
    The No. 3 just went into the tires at the exit of the second Hunaudieres chicane. Gene looked to be OK when the car stopped changing direction and went into the tires. Similar accident and same damaged suspension as when Dumas did the same thing yesterday.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 14h06
    More drama as Tréluyer spins the leading No. 1 Audi at pit entrance and continues on.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 14h06
    More drama for Audi as the No. 2 just crashed from the lead into the barriers at Indianapolis. McNish then drove back into the pits with front-end damage. The safety car is now out so that debris can be picked up safely
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 14h02
    Engine cooling issues for the No. 21 LMP1 HPD - Honda. The car will go back out just to finish the race and secure a few World Endurance Championship points.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 13h58
    With both leading Audi on the same number of stops, and the No. 2 stopping 20m after the No. 1, would the No. 2 car be saving a little fuel to avoid having to stop near the endIt would then finish ahead of the No. 1 after it has stopped for the last time.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 13h50
    The No. 50 Corvette leads the GTE Am class, just 5s ahead of the No. 67 Porsche and 6 laps ahead of the No. 57 Ferrari.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 13h46
    Two full laps after his stop for fuel only, McNish in the No. 2 Audi finds himself 13s behind the leading Tréluyer No. 1 Audi.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 13h39
    Full service stop for the 4th place No. 4 Ausi, with Dumas out and jarvis in the car.
  • Sun. 17.06.2012 / 13h26
    The leading No. 1 Audi was just in the pits for fuel only. The time lost to the No. 2 car was 53s, as the No. 1 car went from 3s in front to 50s behind the new leader, the No. 2 Audi.